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Diesel a bust. Nuclear a must.

So this is my first follow-up to a blog I’ve posted.  If you are unaware here’s a quick summary of the situation.  The Canadian government in 1998 bought four used submarines from Britain for around 750 million.  The subs have been mostly in dry dock (not the ocean) ever since.  That has cost a couple of billion since 1998, as well as the life of one unfortunate sailor when one sub caught fire.

These have been a huge waste of billions and now after all this time they may have to scrap them!  That’s an expensive mistake.  That’s like divorcing madonna 8 times!

But now they have decided they don’t want any used diesel subs.  They want Nuclear subs.  Those will cost us a pretty penny.  What a bunch of children we really are.  When will we wake up and realize that money should be invested on a thousand different causes before we need more submarines.  What the holy hell in a handcart are we going to do with more submarines?  I’ll admit I thought “down Periscope” was funny and “The hunt for Red October is awesome!”  Give me a much-needed break!

Talk about being little kids.  But mommy!  America has new subs and they’ve been talking smack all week!  It’s not like we’re asking for an aircraft carrier.

I can’t take it anymore!!!  I can’t face that we are still that stupid a civilization.  We still don’t see the big picture.  It’s all just a game still isn’t it?  What this world needs is some fresh young un-corrupted minds that can steer it to a new course.

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