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Massive shooting in Connecticut

They had their entire lives ahead of them.

I was hoping by this time of year to give you a cheerful blog.  Maybe a blog related to Christmas since its only 10 days away.  I mean.. We could all use a little laugh or a positive event now and again.

Unfortunately that day is not today.  As I turn on the Television to discover another mass shooting in the United States.  Yes try not to be too shocked as I was.  As events unfold it turns out a man (Ryan Lanza) walked into this Elementary school (Yes I did in fact write Elementary school) and proceed to shoot innocent and defenceless children.   Try to imagine that!  Where were you when you were in elementary school at grades kindergarten to grade 4 (ages 5-9)?  Imagine you sitting in your classroom at 9:00 am on a Friday.  Just counting the days until holidays off.  The class rooms most likely decorated for the holidays, the teacher awaiting their Friday workday to end as well and looking forward to the weekend.

Then a man enters the school.  I say man because I guess it’s the standard for someone over 18 but anyone who would do this is NOT A MAN but a child himself.  This man armed to the teeth then proceeds to open fire on these innocents both children and adults alike.

I cannot imagine what these little kids must have witnessed and to even try to imagine events unfolding is something I’m not prepared to do at this time.

After the police arrived and things became quiet the information has been coming in.  So far it has been confirmed that at least 27 people have been shot and killed and 18 of them are children.

The shooter himself took his own life and the parents of the missing children have been all placed into a nearby building and are awaiting the news of their kids.

It also turns out that the mother of the shooter was a teacher also and is confirmed dead.



What’s going on?  What the hell is our society becoming?  It’s just madness.  Utter utter madness!

When beautiful innocent kids, poor sweet little young-lings that have not yet had an opportunity to grow up and have a life of their own, are gunned down.  It can leave you without words.

Having your first kiss or graduation, to get your first job or go off to college, to have a family of your own.

These things will never come for these kids.

Please take a second to think about that…

I cannot imagine what the parents and families must be feeling at this moment.  All that I can think of is what now?  What happens now?

Does this just play out as it always does?  Media coverage for several days.  We learn the agonizing truth to the events that unfolded.  We learn the names of all who are lost?  We witness a funeral for those who are no longer with us and had their lives cut tragically short?

Then we move onto the next event?  Celebrity scandal?  Escalating events overseas?

Do we really want events like this to keep unfolding forever?  Can we not evoke change?  Is there no way to have preventative measures?  I guess we could blame the shooter?  However can we control what he did?  Of course not!  There’s no way to predict human behavior all the time.  We can only monitor so much.

I guess we could put extra security on schools now?

The enlightened know what the elephant in the room is.  The only solution that seems to be staring us in the face that we could actually do something about…Gun control!!  Or the sheer lack of it!

That’s all that can be truly confirmed!!  These horrific incidents that keep occurring are due to the easy access of guns.  How much longer are we going to keep hanging on to our precious guns?  How many more of these incidents like this one that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut have to happen before action is taken?

I can only hope that the President will finally see this as a wakeup call to the extreme gun reform that is needed.  I could write for hours on why do we need hand guns, why we need automatic weapons, blaa blaa on and on.

Cries that fall on deaf ears.  We’ve heard these arguments before, for a very long time and yet nothing is done.

I would like to close this blog with a message to the families of those who lost today.

My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones today.  I cannot put myself in your place and today’s events shook me to my core.  This tragedy is being felt the world throughout and simply giving ones sympathy is nowhere near enough.  Some times it’s all we can do.  I hope this is one of those times where sympathy’s is not all that is done.  I hope that this event is the final smack across the face that America needs in order to set things right for future generations.  I hope that in the aftermath of these brutal killings of innocents that we may see much needed change in America’s gun control. I can only hope that this is the last we will see of events like today.

With a little hope and an incalculable amount of effort that dream may be possible …someday.

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