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The Avengers: Movie Review

The Avengers Review

by Paul Chiusolo

What can be said? It’s hard to find a starting point?  Myself personally, I’ve been waiting for this movie for …ohhh…about 25 years.  What kind of set of expectations are those?  How does a movie live up to that kind of build up? To others it’s just another run of the mill Hollywood cash cow spawning toys, games and other popular money generating themes.  But to those of us who Love our heroes.  I mean really love them!  It is in that special bond and brotherhood of books and mythology that this tale truly shines.  As someone who considers themselves a “Marvel Aficionado” a fluent expert in Marvel lore.   I found this movie not only exciting and hilarious to watch but it also rang true to a vast variety of marvel history.  Now.. having a said that to truly appreciate this movie it is important to at least watch each heroes individual movie before you see it to truly appreciate the characters.  I guess some people don’t realize that there is 50 years of character development and backstory.  Anyway.. The long day awaited.  My anticipation rekindled with the recent years of decent Marvel movies.  My long time fears and dreads of a botched “group super hero flick” were soon put to rest. The movie fires up and does not stop.  With a beautifully crafted story line by Joss Whedon and a plot that unfolds as some great grand fairy tale adventure that will last for ages.  The film starts strong by establishing the plot fast and to the point right from the get go.  Weaving a tapestry of sights and sounds to make any fan boys pallet water.  Stay quick with those eyes and ears fan boys because there’s a plethora of inside jokes, ‘nods to’, and “Get outta here,  there’s no way the average person will get that!”  However don’t feel left out newbies.  I’m glad you crawled out from under your rock and went to the movies, but let’s face it: if you’re seeing “The Avenger’s” in Theatre’s, you probably know a few things already about the characters and some minor history.  Each character is introduced in what feels like a nice comfortable speed and yet still telling a great deal of story simultaneously.  Each actor delivers a stellar performance and fantastically captures the feel and subtle nuances of the larger than life characters they portray.  From Chris Evans delivery of a man from the forty’s plunked into our futuristic time period to the outright Madness and Savagery of the Hulks Monstrously frightening rampages (which there are several Hulk fans!!!)  This star studded cast of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chis Hemsworth, Jerremy Renner, Cobie Smulders and Samuel Jackson, brings the great champions of marvel lore to life with such fun and enjoyment that you can see these people are having a ball filming these scenes.  Each actor and character you meet from the start of the film to the end offer such an interesting variety that can’t be beat.  The plot is handed to you on a platter from the get go and hurls you at lightning speed through its fantasmal adventure that makes you want to leap aboard this brilliant adventure and take you with it.  But that is not why this film shines.  It’s the sheer ‘fun and fan mix’ that is so delightful (that sounds like a delicious snack).  From the inside jokes about “life model decoys” to unbelievable surprises in both character reveals to items and places contained in the marvel universe that even “I” needed reminding of.  Robert Downey’s Portrayal of the multi billionaire philanthropist playboy Tony stark is hilarious as always but fortunately for the “dynamite script” It seems almost every character is delivering comedy gold. At a lot of moments it felt like watching a comedy.  My friend and I lost count at how many little jokes were our favorite moments in the movie.  Of course every good hero needs a villain and in this movies case the focal point villain is the silver tonged God Loki and several others which shall remain nameless.  Born and raised by his families enemies. Loki is your classic jealous Villain with a serious “bigger brother” complex (well to be fair his brother is Thor the God of thunder.  That’s a tough act to follow), Loki’s role is skillfully brought to life by actor Tom Hiddleston.  Let’s just say there’s an “easy to medium trivia surprise” for you geeks like me out there.  Stay to the end credits!  Without giving anything away because I know how important it is to NOT spoil things for people, let me just say this word.  Epic!  Well done director Joss Whedon. This is clearly a man who understands character development and how to tell a story.  The most important thing is the message. The movie teaches all the great things that attracted me to reading and comics in the first place: team work, friendship and learning to overcome adversity through trial.  Brilliant!!! Well done.  And Thank you!

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