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What do you do when an old nemesis returns?


This article is pretty straight forward and most likely applies to all people (If it doesn’t then lucky you).  What do you do when an old nemesis returns?  First off I use ‘nemesis’ loosely and it may boil down to a bully from high school, elementary, a friend you had a falling out with, someone you dated or someone who just did not see eye to eye with you?

What do you do now that time has passed?  Wounds healed?  Prides hurt?  Does the amount of time past matter?

It’s amazing to have all those feelings rush into you in the blink of an eye.  You go through many emotions rapidly and snap decisions.  After the fog clears you come to a decision.  Do I want this person in my life again, even if it’s on an impersonal, internet friendship with, once a year in-person meetings?

Unfortunately it differs from person to person and the “game of life” doesn’t come with an instruction manual. (Other than the actual “Game of Life”)

I guess the lesson I learned is everyone has their own journey to take.  When you’re on your own for good or worse you forget about the journey others are taking.

After what seemed like forever wrestling emotions (yet only moments passed) I’m willing to forgive and forget…. for now.

Life is too short for grudges and hanging or dwelling onto pain is only making things worse.  The longer you allow painful memories to haunt or hurt you then you’re letting them consume you.

I’m willing to give people second chances.

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Why is Canada Silent on the Gun debate?


We Canadians have a saying “guns don’t kill people Americans do”.

Over the growing debate on gun violence in America I’ve noticed that Canada has been very silent on the matter.  I know some may say that “we are not Americans so it’s not our problem.”  Actually to those people we ARE technically Americans!  We live on the continent of North America just like they do.  So why have we been so silent on this big issue?  I think our opinion should be viewed considering they are our next door neighbours.  What they do affects us.

Maybe if people saw that even though we are directly next door and have millions of guns in our backyard and are also a heavy gun country with a large hunting and sportsman history,  yet do not have a fraction of the gun violence and murders that they do every year.

Why can’t we see it from the Americans perspective?  They are a society that is heavily immersed in a “gun culture”.  That is something we all can agree on and this whole nonsense that is coming from the NRA that America has more violent video games and movies is just preposterous.  The rest of the world has violent games, movies and yet the number of gun related deaths cannot be compared.

So what’s the difference between Canada and the States?   For starters is that in America you can carry a firearm on you at pretty much all times.  My girlfriend learned this fact recently when she entered a Denny’s breakfast house and they were raffling away a gun with your breakfast!  She’s lived in both Canada and Europe and Asia and never experienced that before.  That’s really scary coming from a Canadian who’s never even seen a gun until my teens.  You cannot carry a handgun for protection in Canada.  However, if you need to move one, e.g., to a shooting range, you have to go to a police station and get a “Permit to Convey.” This allows you to move the gun at a certain time on a certain date from point A to B. If you are a member of a gun club, then you can get an open permit to convey that allows you to take the gun from where it is stored (usually at home) to the gun club. Both must be named on the permit, with addresses, etc. If you wanted to visit a different range, you would need a separate permit.
Handgun ownership in Canada is legal, but very difficult.  I think a gun license should be hard to get and easy to lose.

In the United States less than 1 percent of all gun applicants are denied.  Over 40 percent are purchased without a background check.

Is it that simple, stricter Gun laws?  I would say it’s a step in the right direction.  However I believe the United States are many years away from having even remotely similar gun laws as Canada does.

I’ve lived in this country for 30 years and only come across gun stores twice by accident.  You just don’t see them let alone being able to buy guns and ammo at a Wall-mart like in the USA for example.

So what do they do?  Well they are beginning with a ban on all assault style weapons.  Sounds like a good start considering the law was already in place for years until the Bush party let it expire in 1994.  This is going to be an uphill battle to get these guns re-banned outside of the military.  Especially since I’ve heard a few gun enthusiasts refer to the AR-15 as the ‘Lego gun’ comparing it to the child’s plastic brick toys due to their limitless customization, and people love their ability to customize.

It’s in this type of culture it’s very difficult to address the issue because to them it is normal.  To me as a non-gun owner it seems almost simian.

I have been watching the debates and incidents for many years and something I find that is so obvious I don’t know how anyone has not brought it up before?

Do you not see the real reason they want to hang onto their guns?  It’s not because they want to defend their homes against intruders or government.  To fight off the “red coats” as a recent moron pontificated.  It’s not even about the second amendment as many believe to be so.  The answer to all this is actually quite simple and Americans are afraid to admit it.

Guns are fun!!  Wait… what?? Did I just say that?  Yes I did!  Guns are fun!

I learned this as I entered my teens and my friend moved out into the country with a few friends and zero adult supervision.  This was the first time I fired a rifle and I’ll have to admit it was a hoot.  Lining up those pop cans from far away and picking them off, watching them flip and explode to the excitement of all around.  Even a few beers made it all the more exciting and increased danger.  I could get used to doing this every weekend.  Sadly this ended months later.  But I realized that guns are a form of entertainment.

I had never felt like this before.  I understand it; I’m not thrilled about it but understand it.  When I held that rifle for the first time I felt it.  That power.  Maybe the power over life and death, maybe danger as well but mainly I just felt the power.  This must be the underlying feeling shared by all Americans who regularly carry a firearm on their person.  I used to think as a little kid about how cool it would be to grow up and carry a gun.  I’d just be like an action star.  The reality is that life is not a movie.  As shocking a statement this will be to some Americans I say “Life is not the wild west either”!!!

I see and hear people like Peirce Morgan ask the question “Why do Americans need a weapon like the AR-15? You have your answer Peirce!  Guns are fun and the American public know that if their only excuse to own that gun is because it’s fun to shoot: then they are going to have them taken away.  Of course they have to push the 2nd amendment down your throat.

Yeah the 2nd amendment also says it needs to be updated every 20 years but you don’t hear them argue about that.

Why do they need weapons and ammo clips like that? They Don’t!

So what do we do?  We can’t take away their fun.  If I lived and grew up in America who knows maybe I would have been a kid who got into playing with guns instead of video games.  The difference is at the end of the day there is zero chance I’m going die while playing “Call of duty” as opposed to playing with real weapons.

My argument is that America needs to be slowly weaned off guns like a smoker with a Nicorette patch.  I would love to say “let’s make a guns that sound and shoot like real ones but non- lethal.  A gun that fires rounds that immobilize a human but doesn’t kill them (like a stun gun). So people wanting to defend themselves have no argument.  Would that suffice or do they need death as well?  I know they have rubber bullets but more advanced than that.

Canadians need to be more vocal about the gun violence happening across the border.  Maybe with some help from us we can sand out some of the rough edges to our friends to the south.  If you’re skeptical it’s simpler to look at statistics like this.

Deaths by guns in America in 2011: 12,664

Cross an imaginary line into a neighbouring country containing millions of guns with the difference of not being able to carry a gun on your person:

Deaths by guns in Canada in 2011: 598

I still believe 598 deaths are too high but when compared to the United States, the stats speak for themselves.

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Repo Games? Never has Someone’s Poverty been so Hilarious

A show about repossession.

How have the U.S. made a game show out of repossessing people’s possessions? I mean ok, Repo Wars was funny because the people repossessing said product were just as creepy as the people who hadn’t paid off their stuff, but this show is about ‘the man’ coming to repossess people’s items, and then giving them a chance to keep said item by guessing a few questions correctly.

I’ll give you an example of what I saw when I accidentally clicked on the show.

The scene opens just like any other repossession show (I can’t believe that sentence is actually possible to write). The People doing the repossessing are in their trucks describing the poor soul whose possession they are about to take. They then arrive and quickly jack up the vehicle, in this case a white suburban. The wife and family of seven come out and are naturally upset that their only means of transport is being towed away and broadcasted to the world.

What a perfect setting for entertainment!!!

The husband demands that the family get inside the truck as a vain attempt to keep their dignity. “I’ll just tow the truck and the whole damn family to my yard,” says the host.

Wow!!! Our game shows have come a long way since, “Jennifer come on down! You’re the next contestant!”

The children begin to cry. The host, “We can just tow your truck now, or you can play Repo Games.”

She thinks about it for a few seconds, probably contemplating how they found themselves in such financial debt, and this may be their only way
out. “Ok, let’s play,” she says. “OK! But get your family outta the truck first!” The family climb out of truck. The wife explains how this truck is how she takes care of her family, drive them to school, work, etc… What most families of 7 would need a truck for. He gives her a high-five on
being a mother of 7. Really?! A nice bit of tact by the host to alleviate pressure and to remind the audience that they are watching a game show–and not witnessing the demise of the human race!

The first question is, “The Rachel and Farah are both kinds of what?” She guesses incorrectly. “Alright raise it up!” They then jack the  rear-end of the truck up slightly–classic game show move to build tension. Question #2, “What is the key ingredient in Rocky Mountain oysters and calf fries?” I’m not surprised a mother of 7 didn’t guess, “Calf testicles,” these are the type of things she should be learning when she’s too busy driving her children to school. Maybe there’s an All Testicle Network on satellite. They raise the truck a little higher. She begins to cry. The next two questions are significantly easier, I guess because she got the first two wrong, who wants to see an execution go by too fast? Isn’t it more satisfying pulling off a band-aid slowly?

Question #3 was, “Banks are normally closed on December 25th, on whose birthday is this?” Kind of a shot in the gut, asking a person who can’t pay their bills about the banks schedule. They lower the truck slightly after she says, “Jesus Christ.” Maybe she thought it was a good sign that she received a religious question. Probably not.

#4, “Who gets chased through a maze by Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde?” Now, this question when the host read it, he altered it to make it easier, he added the words, “Coloured ghosts,” before he said the names. Definitely making the Pac-man answer more obvious. Ok!!! Now for the moment of truth–2 correct–2 incorrect…

C’mon Bitch!! Don’t you want to save the family truck? Don’t you realize half the people want you to fail?

And the other half aren’t watching at all…

Question #5, “What are two of the five most popular boy’s names?”

Are you serious? What the hell kind of question is that? God must really hate this family. Maybe instead of blessing this family with lots of children he should have given them easier questions, and the proper understanding of credit cards ‘strangling’ interest. How is that a question with one right answer? And depending on where you live, might change the outcome of that answer? What if the family comes from a part of the world where names have 8 consonants in a row?


She guesses Jordan and Michael. Michael is correct, Jordan is…………….. Wrong!! The correct answers were Jacob, Ethan, Alexander, and William. Ok? Jennifer begins to sob at her failure to save her families only mode of transportation. “Alright Jeff! She got it wrong! Take it away!” They tow away the truck! Things go quiet.

Never has a game show contestant been more devastated and inconsolable since that one-legged Parkinson patient missed the putt on the Price is Right. “This is the only vehicle we have!” she pleads, “You are leaving us with nothing! NOTHING!” She then storms into the house with a few muffled curses under her breath. I begin to well up a little. Hmm, this is an odd feeling after watching a game show. I thought game shows were supposed to be fun and entertaining? This was the most horrible show I’ve ever seen. I have never been more disgusted in television and TV networks! I actually felt a wave of nausea come over me as I tried to imagine the type of person who would find this entertaining. My worries were soon put to rest as I found out there is an audience for this show. There were a list of tweets and comments about the show saying how, “Funny  the show was”, “How we laughed our asses off!” and how, “My car dealership should team up with [them] because we have some colourful customers!”

Wow… I weep for the future. We’ve become much uglier than I’d ever imagined. I had lots of clever quotes to end this blog, a joke maybe, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Let’s all take a step back at what we’ve become. This is not a society anymore if it’s gotten to the point where  witnessing someone’s pain and grief have become a source of public entertainment. I already didn’t have the strongest feelings towards the Spike  network, but this is too far! You should be ashamed of yourselves! One cannot even put into words the barbaric, nasty, and downright sleaziness of this kind of enter-whooaa. I almost wrote ‘entertainment.’

I really don’t know what this is…

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