My beef with the new Iron-man 3 trailer.

alright.. we need to be a superb martial arts athlete.  Now what did we learn playing Gandhi??  ..Dammit.!

alright.. we need to be a superb martial arts athlete. Now what did we learn playing Gandhi?? ..Dammit.!

Just saw the new Ironman 3 trailer. Looks amazing but a major hiccup for me is why did they select Sir Ben Kingsley as “the Mandarin?”  Seriously WTF!!????

I understand that he is a well established actor, brilliant, knighted and etc… but could they not have found someone who hails a little closer to the land of the rising sun to play this role?  Is it me or is it just silly to get an orential actor to play an orential character?

My mind instantly raced with a plethora of oriental actors that would have been perfect for the legendary marvel villian role.  Ken Watanabe from Last Samarui and Inception or John Lone who played Khan in the Shadow. (not a great example) Hell even that gypsy pirate pervert in Crouching tiger hidden dragon would be acceptable.

If you dont know who the Manderin is: he is Iron man’s Arch nemesis.

(Also I believe that Iron man’s more appropriate arch enemy should be Doctor Doom.  Both scientists, both encased in armor, stark favors science against Doom’s magic, stark’s pretty ,with a weak heart, doom physcially scarred and confined to armor… this lists goes on..anyway I’m getting away from you)

I could wax all day to the comic afficianods about the fine details that comprise The Manderin, but ill break it down simplistically.

The Manderin is basically a direct decendant of Ghengis Khan, or he at least believes that.  When his character was designed it was based off of Ghengis Khan just like Tony stark was based off of Howard Hughes. Another example may be HIS NAME IS “THE MANDARIN”.  The quintessential manderin you might say?  Could they not choose someone of chinese descent to play the part?  In the Marvel Universe Sir Ben would be more suted to play the Vulture.

That would be like me making a film about the life of Dave Thomas the founder of Wendys and casting Densel Washington to play Dave? He would still most likely knock it outta the park but it wouldn’t be true to the character.

Other than that… the trailer looks awesome.


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