What do you do when an old nemesis returns?


This article is pretty straight forward and most likely applies to all people (If it doesn’t then lucky you).  What do you do when an old nemesis returns?  First off I use ‘nemesis’ loosely and it may boil down to a bully from high school, elementary, a friend you had a falling out with, someone you dated or someone who just did not see eye to eye with you?

What do you do now that time has passed?  Wounds healed?  Prides hurt?  Does the amount of time past matter?

It’s amazing to have all those feelings rush into you in the blink of an eye.  You go through many emotions rapidly and snap decisions.  After the fog clears you come to a decision.  Do I want this person in my life again, even if it’s on an impersonal, internet friendship with, once a year in-person meetings?

Unfortunately it differs from person to person and the “game of life” doesn’t come with an instruction manual. (Other than the actual “Game of Life”)

I guess the lesson I learned is everyone has their own journey to take.  When you’re on your own for good or worse you forget about the journey others are taking.

After what seemed like forever wrestling emotions (yet only moments passed) I’m willing to forgive and forget…. for now.

Life is too short for grudges and hanging or dwelling onto pain is only making things worse.  The longer you allow painful memories to haunt or hurt you then you’re letting them consume you.

I’m willing to give people second chances.

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3 thoughts on “What do you do when an old nemesis returns?

  1. mike nemesis? I heard your name for the first time in years amd fb is very convenient. says:

    Do you want advice? I dont understand.
    How would I handle an old nemesis? Online?
    Ignore them probably.
    In real life? Walk away.
    Did I inspire this article?
    That’s my advice if you’re threatened in someway by someone tell them to beat it or ignore.
    I never considered you a nemesis.

    • Its just a coindence. Thats the thing about writing. This or events can inspire you to write immediatly.I never thought of you a a nemesis thats why i say loosly in the article, even though we had a falling out. I meant what I said in the texts.

      If I wanted to say beat it I would have. I was just inspired to write and I applies to alot of differnt people in differnt sittuations.

      Seriously dude everythings all good. Writing it helped me get some stuff out and anytime I’m writing is a good thing.

  2. mike nemesis? I heard your name for the first time in years amd fb is very convenient. says:

    That’s fine I gave you a little exposure too. I sent the link to this article to a few ppl. You might get a little spike in views today. You’ re welcome.

    Keep it up. Interesting stuff!

    I wasn’t insulted. It’s just a very self serving thing to do.

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